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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance 

Nepal's stunning scenery and demanding hiking paths attract adventure lovers from all over the world. Foreigners wanting the pleasure of walking over the Himalayas should get full travel insurance. Travel insurance provides access to great healthcare, which is an important a reason to get it. Trekking often takes you to different elevations and climates, which raises the danger of an accident or sudden illness. Foreigners may find themselves separated from major hubs, with little medical services. Travel insurance covers emergency medical bills, ensuring that foreigners obtain timely and sufficient care without paying high fees. Please remember that travel insurance is compulsory for booking any of Bharal Adventure tours: trekking and mountaineering. Choose among the various travel insurance companies that provide the travel insurance services but bear in mind that the policy of the company should cover the process of giving you the service of helicopter rescue from the mountains in case of altitude sickness or other accidents during your trip with cover of at least worth of US $10,000 .In the event of a serious accident or Acute mountain sickness (AMS) , you must select an insurance coverage that covers the expense of helicopter rescue from the mountains. In such extreme circumstances of emergency evacuation, helicopters are the only route out of the the mountains. This includes a rescue squad capable of both ground evacuation and rescue. This is why we need your travel insurance to pay the expense of helicopter service and evacuation from the Himalayas.

"Plan ahead, travel with confidence."

Before traveling or organizing a specific journey, make sure you have completed your insurance and cost research, as well as verified that your travel insurance covers all of the prices stated  from a trustworthy source. If you have any queries or need any information, the Team  Bharal Adventure will gladly assist you at  WhatsApp : +97709841843317(Arjun)

Here are the recommended Travel Insurance Companies from our guest who have done trekking with us .

Asia & Middle East
  • Clal Insurance (Israel)
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Japan)
  • Life Card Travel Insurance (Japan)
  • Sompo Insurance (Japan)
  • International SOS (Malaysia)
  • World Nomads (Malaysia, India)
For Travellers from EUROPE 
  • InsureandGo Travel Insurance (UK, Spain)
  • Virgin Travel Insurane (UK)
  • Post Office (UK)
  • Europ Assistance (All European)
  • Allianz Travel Insurance (Germany, Switzerland)
  • Uniqa Insurance (Austria)
  • Dog Tag Insurance (UK)
For Travellers from AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND
  • Cover-More Travel Insurance
  • CGU Insurance Limited
For Travellers from SOUTH AFRICA
  • Travel insurance Consultants Pty. Ltd.
  • DECLARATION: These companies were recommended by our previous travelers and are for recommendation purposes only.
For Travelers from USA and CANADA
  • Online Global Health Insurance
  • Travelex
  • Insure My (Online Insurance Aggregator)
  • Mondial Assistance
  • Access America
  • HCC Medical Insurance Services
  • Good Neighbor Insurance (International Health)
  • International Health
  • Insuremytrip dot com
  • MultiNational Underwriters
  • World Nomad
  • TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd
  • Travel Assist
  • traveling
  • For Travelers from England
  • Specialty Group (UK) Limited
  • First Assist Services Limited
  • Harrison Beaumont
  • Buy cheap travel insurance

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